Bianxee Peralta PHOTO

Bianxee Peralta

Bianxee PeraltaPhoto...

Bianxee Peralta PHOTO
Maybelle photo


Know more about Maybelle...

Maybelle photo
Patricia Buhat photo


A very sexy pinay model check our more...

Patricia Buhat photo
Premiere vixens girl


Vixens girls shoot find out more photos...

Premiere vixens girl

Kim Domingo photo
Kim Domingo

I found this very revealing photo of Kim Domingo.
This shoot is from FHM I think.

Here's some info of Kim
Kim Domingo bills herself as a French Filipina model, with a claim that this is her official Instagram and you should be wary of any posers trying to claim they're her. What strikes me most, aside from KimD's super perk posterior or her surgically perfect chest is the fact that FHM was cool with using a model who has braces. I'm sure there are plenty of fetishists who love a grown woman in braces, I'm just seeing a magazine that was willing to roll with a temporary imperfection in an otherwise flawless woman. I just hope there isn't some tatted up douchebag rapper waiting to soil her cuteness.  -
Facebook photo grabbed
Credit to the owner

What could we ask for this kind of figure? hahah just one thing...more.........

Mayrix Secadron Photo
Mayrix Secadron
Photo credits Chad Carlo Castro Photography

Model: Mayrix Secadron
Photographer: Chad Carlo Castro
HMUA: Herself
Outfit: Model's Own
Location: Las Piñas City
Grace Vargas Video Screengrab

OMG watch-out for the latest video of Grace Vargas
"R@@ted SPG Grind Challenge Accepted!! Sorry kung Di Marunong."

watch full video here

Arci Munoz Photo
Arci Munoz Photo

While others are too busy for the coming presidential election, me also is too busy for looking some of the hottest photo of Arci Munoz. I got this hope you love the big bomb. lols
 Arci Munoz Youtube Screengrab

Arci Muñoz, the well-known star of Passion de Amor show in local channel ABS-CBN is currently gaining a lot of attention from the netizens. It seems that a photo of her having a wardrobe malfunction during her dance number on ASAP20 has been circulating the internet for past few days. These photo shows her in a position where her right leg is being raised by a co-star which may be exposing her crotch area due to her tiny fitting shorts. Get it here
Some of our kababayan OFWs cannot vote for Duterte as some of Duterte's supporters cannot find their name on the voters list.

Watch complete report here.
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