Bianxee Peralta PHOTO

Bianxee Peralta

Bianxee PeraltaPhoto...

Bianxee Peralta PHOTO
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Maybelle photo
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Patricia Buhat photo
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Premiere vixens girl
 In a photo collage uploaded by “Wang Boo” on Facebook,g a man who looks like Edgardo Tallado can be seen kissing and being intimate with a young female. In one photo, the couple appears to be naked. According to The Filipino Scribe, the unnamed woman is 24 years old.
After circulating the scandal photo, an alleged video is also now circulating online.
Hot Sexy Pinay

Are you using an apple phone? You might familiar with the word "jailbreak".
If you google today, the most search word is for jailbreak ios 8.x. hmmm but while they are searching for that stuff, me, I am searching for this hot sexy pinay.
She's so perfect I really love his figure. Perfect
A super hot and a spicy hot pinay Jhelay Escalante.

The Curves? Absolutely having a rigth figure, the face, everything so perfect.

This private video has a length of one minute and 10 seconds
showing unknown individuals, with most of their clothes on, doing some private acts in a secluded part of an establishment stairway.

Upon doing our own research, this was uploaded by Jozh Reyes, a Facebook user, and captioned it as "SM Security Guard."

This quickly circulated around the social media and spread rapidly until someone commented saying that the security guard in the video scandal is not SM security. She also said that Jozh's post is false and causing serious damage to SM's reputation. She even hopes that Reyes would face some legal charges.

On the other hand, Newsgra reported that they did a research on a girl involved in the video after having her name dropped by one of the commenters. They learned that the given name of a girl is already engaged and currently lives in Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan as shown to her social media profile.

As of writing, no other information can be found about the individuals involved and as to when and where the incident took place. An official statement from SM Supermalls has yet to be released as well regarding this matter. SOURCE

Hot Pinay Y. Mendoza

Did you still remember the Goddess of sex? How about Joyce Jimenez or other hot sexy pinay during that year?
Here's one of the most hottest pinay I've seen in social media.
Y. Mendoza, She's so hot, a perfect pinay and a kind girl. Keep it up!
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Here's one of the hot pinay.
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Photo of a Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lawrence
ONe of the Hacked photo of Jennifer Lawrence in he Icloud Account.0
hackers are everywhere.
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