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Bianxee Peralta

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Bianxee Peralta PHOTO
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Patricia Buhat photo
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Mhikki Perez Facebook Photo Screenshot

Mhikki Perez a super alluring.

I landed to her facebook account and make some photo search and found this very flawless photo.
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iPhone 7 design and features

 A new artist’s impression of what the new iPhone 7 may look like indicates a surprising influence. This particular concept image suggests that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may draw inspiration from the iPhone 4. This classic version of the iPhone was released back in 2010, followed by the iPhone 4s one year later, was a very well received version of the iconic iPhone, and perhaps the point where Apple really began to dominate the smartphone marketplace.

iPhone 7 concept

So a concept produced by designers Ivo Maric and Tomislav Rastovac suggest that Apple may be strongly influenced by this handset, but that elements of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 may also be incorporated into the mix.

Apple has not exactly been known for releasing retro devices, with each new generation of the iPhone intended to deliver an entirely new experience. If Apple is to brand its next generation smartphone the iPhone 7, then it will be expecting to deliver something similar this time out.

However, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are generally considered to be some of the most attractive and well-designed smartphones that Apple has ever been involved with. This is not small praise for a company which has come to completely dominate the mobile niche, with the iPhone 6 being the greatest success of the company yet.

Apple clearly expects the success of the iPhone range to expand still further in the future, as it has been reported that it will manufacture more units of the iPhone 7 in 2015 that even the vastly successful iPhone 6. But with just months to go until the device is released, the latest concept images produced by the Croatian designers indicate that Apple might consider instigating a significant design change when the iPhone 7 is released.
iPhone 7 design and features

Sapphire glass

Particularly notable in this iPhone 7 concept is its sapphire glass front. This is an element of the iPhone series that has been rumored for some time, and evidently these two designers believe that it will finally come to fruition with the iPhone 7. This would clearly make sense for Apple, as it has been reported for some years that the company has bought up industrial quantities of this substance. Additionally, Apple has already utilized sapphire glass in the construction of its recent Apple Watch smartwatch.

Aside from the sapphire glass element of the smart phone, Maric and Rastovac also believe that Apple could produced a glass-backed device for the iPhone 7. There is also a nifty metal frame encompassing the whole device, and in its totality the design creates a striking image. Apple is, of course, known for its outstanding design parameters, and the corporation would doubtless be impressed by the way that the glass and metal blends neatly within this concept image.

However, it is noticeable that the concept does not include any aluminum, which would seem to make the concept somewhat unlikely overall. An iPhone 7 featuring an entirely metal and glass construction may certainly appear attractive, but one also has to think of the practicalities of such a design. Such a build would be extremely fragile, and it seems extremely unlikely that Apple would opt for such a design considering the headlines that it inadvertently generated with the iPhone 6 and the infamous Bendgate scandal.

Indeed, one of the most widely rumored aspects of the iPhone 7 is that it will include a revolutionary new form of aluminum that was introduced in the Apple Watch, precisely with the intention of avoiding similar headlines this time out.

Other features imagined by the Croatian pair include a new Apple Dock for wireless charging and wireless transfers, an A10 processor, a 16-megapixel camera, and a quad HD Retina display. The introduction of a quad HD display will certainly make Apple fans sit up and pay attention, even if there has obviously been no confirmation from Apple at the time of writing.

A possible criticism of the iPhone range recently has been that the display included in the iconic device has fallen somewhat behind its most notable competitors. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) is the most obvious rival to Apple, and it has focused on including high quality displays in its mobile devices recently, and there is hope from the Apple-following community that Apple will follow suit with the iPhone 7. source:

Kim Domingo's Dubsmash Video Compilation.

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Facebook screengrab from Bebe Lalabs.

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Dara Miaka Balderama photo

Dara Dara Facebook Grabbed.

 Dara Miaka Balderama aka Dara Dara in her hot sexy tattoo art.

 Maria Tina Moran Facebook Screen Grab.

I love seeing this kind of simple hot sexy pics. Hope to love this also.

 Zhera Eif Airam Myz facebook grabbed.

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